This photograph submitted by Brian Spanswick was taken some 18 years ago, some stalwarts still singing, some sadly no longer with us. Anyone recognize the Motor cyclists?


Since this website was set up, members have been asked to dig through their albums for any interesting history of the Gwent Police Choir. This article was turned up by Tim Turner, it was published in the choirs 25th year, I'm sure it will bring back a lot of memories for many choiristers who read it, both past and present. Unfortunately the bottoms of the pages have worn with age, but this doesn't detract from the content. Incidentally Tim is sitting on the right behind Ray Hapgood in 'The Voice Squad' article.

Picture from Argus

This photograph epitomises the effort the chour puts into rehersal, giving thereall for the conductor.Unfortunately as this was taken in 1996 we have lost a few stalwart members, not least Ray Hapgood who is seated on the right in the front row. Ray will never be forgotten, not just for his singing but for his finely honed delivery of hilarious stories and jokes which always brought the house down, in fact his droll tales of life in his home town Brynmaur certainly put it on the map.

The voice squad